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Heat Pump Repair

Because your heat pump is a big investment, it’s important to keep it operating efficiently

Heat Pump Repair Service

Homeowners across Victoria and the surrounding communities realize the value of a heat pump system. Strong home heating when you need it combined with powerful cooling capabilities ensures that you and your family are always comfortable. But like most home appliances and systems, heat pumps can sometimes experience problems causing them to perform less than optimal, or even stop working alltogether, and when they do you need the heat pump repair specialists at CityWide Plumbing & Power.

Our heat pump team is fully trained, certified and has the experience needed to provide best-in-class repair services for our clients in Victoria BC. Whether you require a simple repair or have a more complex issue at hand, you can always trust us to meet your needs completely. Contact CityWide Plumbing & Power online, or call us at (250)475-1950 to speak directly with a heat pump specialist right now.

Heat Pump Repair Benefits

Malfunctioning heat pumps will sometimes still cool or heat your home somewhat and the temptation to put off repairs to save money can be there. It is important to remember that often what starts our as a minor inconvenience can turn into a major repair if ignored.

  • Comfort - malfunctioning heat pumps often struggle to heat or cool your home to desired temperature levels. Repairing your heat pump will bring your home back to your ideal comfort level.
  • Efficiency - even if your heat pump is still somewhat heating or cooling, it more than likely is having a struggle to operate. This in turn causes your heat pump to use more energy, increasing your energy costs.
  • Prevention - the sooner you can get your heat pump repaired, the better off you will be. We often see small problems that would have required an inexpensive repair turn into a costly repair, or even caused the heat pump system to fail completely.
  • Longevity - continuing to operate your heat pump without repairing it only puts additional stress on your system, wearing it down and causing it to break down faster. Maintaining and repairing your heat pump will not only keep it operating in top shape, but extend it's life and save you money.
  • Noise - while heat pumps can sometimes be noisy as it is, a broken heat pump is often extremely loud.

Heat Pump Repair Warning Signs

Mode jamming. The reversing valve is the part that changes between the heat pump's cooling and heating modes and when it fails, you won't be able to change modes.

Ice/Frost Accumulation. A properly working heat pump is very efficient at defrosting, so seeing ice or front on the heat pump indicated there is a larger issue at hand.

Poor Air Flow. Caused by a wide range of problems, but all of them if left unchecked will result in the system overheating or failing.

Strange Sounds. If you hear strange sounds such as banging, squealing or clanking these are indicators of wear and damage which has to be addressed immediately to avoid more serious damage or failure of the heat pump.

Increasing Energy Bills. Heat Pumps are popular with homeowners due to their efficiency and lower cost to operate. If you notice your energy bill is creeping up, you should have your system looked at to see what is causing the increased power usage.

At CityWide Plumbing & Power your family's comfort is our priority. If you are in need of heat pump repair in Victoria, Langford or the surrounding areas, contact us online or call us today at (250)475-1950.

Heat Pump Repair FAQ

  • Can I repair my heat pump myself?

    Basic troubleshooting and maintenance like checking the circuit board or clearing the outdoor unit of debris and clutter can be done by home owners, however we do not advise home owners to try to repair a heat pump themselves. Heat pumps are very complicated systems that require expert training and knowledge to effectively troubleshoot and properly repair.

  • Does my noisy heat pump need repair?

    Heat pumps are louder than boilers and furnaces, but a heat pump that is suddenly louder and/or making strange noises is a definite cause of concern and you should call a professional right away.

  • My heatpump isn't heating/cooling like it used to. Does it need repair?

    The typical lifespan of a heat pump is around 15 years. If the heat pump in your home is under 10 years and the performance is noticeable lower than it used to be, it may be in need of repair. Often a tune up, changing filters and lubricate, clean and calibration will have it returned to optimal performance.