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Lighting Installation

The lighting inside and outside your home can make or break the aesthetics and day-to-day comfort. Are your lights located in the perfect position? Is all the wiring done correctly and up to code? Do your lights have the current they need in order to operate properly?

Need Lighting Help?

Leave the details and upload a couple of photos. We can give you an idea of what needs to be done to rectify the problem along with a price guideline. A site visit can be arranged if needed.
The lighting styles and technology is constantly changing, and lighting fixtures that were “in” 10 years ago often look dated and old. We have the knowledge and experience to help you through the options available to you. Lighting should provide functional illumination while adding to the design and ambiance of your home. Factors such as brightness, shadows and direction can enhance your decor, reveal the beauty of your yard at night, add a touch of elegance while creating a relaxing ambiance depending on the fixtures and lighting you choose.

Lighting Installation

Lighting fixtures hold your lighting in place, provide decoration, and provide the connection to your electrical system. Our technicians are trained and have the tools needed to install your fixtures wherever you want including rerouting any wiring if needed.

LED Lighting

LED lighting is the most energy efficient lighting available today, being 85% more efficient than traditional bulbs. LED lights look good, last longer and save you money. They also run cooler and are available in many colours!

Outdoor Lighting

Your yard is one of the most visible features of your home, and a well designed landscape lighting system will transform your outdoor living area. Accentuate your yards best features with soft lights and shadows and ensure walkways are well lit for safety and security.
If you are looking at upgrading your existing lighting, or simply need to install a new fixture, give us a call today for a no-obligation consultation and quote.