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Service Panel Upgrades

If you are needing to upgrade to a larger electrical panel for future upgrades, or if you need to replace that old 60 amp panel with a modern 100 or 200 amp panel, CityWide Plumbing and Power is here to help!

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Leave the details and upload a couple of photos. We can give you an idea of what needs to be done to rectify the problem along with a price guideline. A site visit can be arranged if needed.
Our electrical specialists at CityWide Plumbing and Power are skilled in the installation of properly sized electrical panels, incorporation of high quality protective devices, proper grounding and bonding of metal pipe, and ensuring your electrical installation is up to the current code standards.

Panel Upgrades

Homes today require more electricity due to appliance upgrades as well as an increase in electrical devices. This often requires an electrical panel upgrade to ensure proper power distribution throughout the home.
Some signs that your electrical panel may be in need of an upgrade are:
  • Lights that flicker
  • Old style fuse box
  • Electrical panel that is over 15 years old
  • Frequent circuit breaker interruptions
  • Electronic items not operating properly due to a lack of power
  • Fuses frequently blowing
  • Melted electrical wiring
Electrical technology is constantly changing and improving and replacing your old electrical panel in your home will improve electrical efficiency while making your home safer. Having a professional replace your electrical panel will ensure your electrical needs are met while lowering your energy costs.
As most homeowners have no idea how old their electrical panel is, it is always a good idea to have a professional assessment done.
If you need a larger panel for a future expansion project or if you simply need to replace a 60amp panel with a modern 100 amp panel give CityWide Plumbing and Power a call today for a no-obligation assessment and quote. Most panel upgrades are completed the same day, so the interruption to your daily routine is minimal.