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Dock Lighting & Wiring

Everyone knows that electricity and water do not mix. Electrical wiring near water can be dangerous, difficult and confusing which is why you should trust the experts at CityWide Plumbing and Power for all your dock lighting & wiring needs.

Need help with your dock lighting?

In Victoria and on Vancouver Island, owning a boat is a way of life with so many opportunitiess to get out on the water either on the ocean or one of our beautiful lakes. And just like your vehicle at home, your boat needs a safe place to be stored when you are not out on the water.
Docks and marina’s provide excellent shelter, protection and easy access to the water, however they require specific electrical wiring that is suited to the water, weather and electrical needs of the equipment being used.

Boat Lifts

A boat lift will prevent corrosion of your boat and its wires, cut down on the wear and tear from the elements and marine life.

Shore Power Pedestals

Provides a place to plug in your boat while it’s docked so you can power your boat’s appliances like stoves, televisions or sound-systems.

Dedicated Electrical Circuits

These circuits are dedicated to running only your boat or dock wiring which reduces overheating or dangerous electrical wear and tear.

Dock Lighting

One of the most important things you can do for your dock is to provide plenty of good light for early morning, evening and even night boating and safety. Recessed, track or pendant lighting all work well to help keep docks lit and safe.
CityWide Plumbing and Power can perform the electrical maintenance, inspection, repairs and installations on docks and at the marina. Give us a call today and let us wire your dock so you can safely get out on the water.