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LED Lighting Upgrades

Don' live life in the dark! Upgrade to LED lights and experience a brighter home with improved safety, functionality and energy efficiency.

Are the living areas inside your home looking a little too dark? If that is the case, then a LED lighting upgrade may be the perfect solution to your problem. Not only will upgrading to LED lighting upgrade the lighting in your home, but they also will improve the energy efficiency of your home.

CityWide Plumbing & Power offers LED lighting upgrades throughout Victoria and in the Cowichan Valley and Duncan areas. Armed with the best products, brands and service, our electrical specialists are able to quickly and efficiently upgrade the lighting in your home.

Why Upgrade to LED Lighting?

Making the change to LED lighting has never been a better choice for homeowners, and come with a slew of benefits, including:

Increased Longevity: LED lighting can last up to 100,000 operating hours longer than traditional fluorescent, metal halide, and sodium vapor bulbs.

Energy efficiency: Installing LED lighting in your home or businesses can reduce your lights’ energy consumption by up to 85%.

Improved safety: LED lights emit run extremely cool and are much safer than traditional bulbs that get hot and can burn skin.

Increased functionality: LED lights offer dimming capabilities so you can achieve the exact brightness you want in your living spaces.

Environmentally friendly: Unlike traditional bulbs that can contain mercury, LED lights lack toxic chemicals, making them a much more environmentally friendly choice.

Upgrading to LED lighting is an excellent way to improve the overall appearance, safety, and energy efficiency of your home. When you are ready to upgrade the lighting in your home, there is no better team than the professional electricians at CityWide Plumbing & Power.