Hot Water Tank Repair & Installation

If your hot water heater in your home or business is in need of replacement or repair, the professional team at CityWide Plumbing and Power can help you.

Has your hot water tank failed and you need tank replacement service? If so, call the certified professionals at CityWide Plumbing and Power.

CityWide is your go-to service when hot water tank repair or replacement becomes necessary. We recognize that repair or replacement of hot water tanks can sometimes be an inconvenience, and we make every effort to make it easy for you to have a replacement installed fast. We are ready to service or install a replacement, and are able to make the necessary upgrades that municipal regulations require.

We provide services up and down Vancouver Island, including Parksville. Our technicians are trained and certified and have the experience that you would expect from a professional plumbing service. We can also give you advice on which hot water tank best suits your needs and pocket book.

Same Day Hot Water Tank Replacement & Repairs

We also offer same day on call service for both homeowners and businesses. We repair, install and service all types of hot water tanks ranging from electric and natural gas water heaters to on-demand hot water tank systems. When you first see any sign that your hot water system is not working properly give us a call. CityWide offers same-day, expert repair and installation services when hot water tank replacement is needed most.

These warning signs are often indications that your hot water tank is in need of repair or replacement:

  • Restriction of hot water
  • Water is tepid and not hot
  • The tank makes unusual sounds
  • Rust coloured water
  • Leaks
  • Intermittent flooding
  • Bad odours

Hot Water Tank Installation

When it comes to the replacement of a hot water tank, the professionals at CityWide Plumbing and Power can give you the expert advice that you’ll need to make an informed decision as to what is the best hot water system for your needs.

CityWide will specify, replace and install the system from start to finish. We supply all types of hot water tanks, ranging from electric and  gas to the latest on-demand systems. We’ll send one of our certified repair technicians to help specify and install the best hot water tank solution for your hot water needs.

There are three basic types of hot water tanks:

Electric Hot Water Tanks

Electric heated tanks are the most common and most expensive water heaters. They can be installed in most instances, as long as the space requirements are met. Electric hot water tanks though, are less efficient in heating the water than gas or tankless systems, but they cost less to replace.

Gas Hot Water Tanks

Natural gas heated hot water tanks heat water much faster than electric tanks and are more efficient. However, at present, because of the cost of natural gas athey are usually slightly more expensive to run. And, since they burn hotter, they usually have a slightly shorter life expectancy. Gas hot water heating systems also need to be situated near an exterior wall and must have special venting to the outside. Additional costs will also be associated with outside venting.

On-Demand Tankless Water Heaters

The advantage of installing an on-demand, tankless hot water system is that it can be installed almost anywhere. If you are limited in space, hot water can be  delivered at the right temperature instantaneously, without the need for a hot water tank. Using an on-demand tankless system will produce savings of up to 70% of your current energy usage by heating water only when it is needed.

The CityWide Plumbing and Power experts do repairs and hot water tank installation when you need it. If a new hot water tank is what you are looking for, call us today for same day service.