Hot Water Tank Repair & Installation

If your hot water heater in your home or business is in need of replacement or repair, the professional team at CityWide Plumbing and Power can help you.

When your hot water tank needs replacing in your home or business call the experts at CityWide Plumbing and Power. We can help you.

CityWide Plumbing and Power specializes in the replacement and repair of hot water tanks, including making the necessary upgrades due to change in municipal regulations across Vancouver Island including the Comox Valley. Our service technicians are highly trained and have all the required certifications and experience. We can advise you on the best hot water tank that suits your needs ensuring you have a fully-functioning tank for many years to come.

Same Day Repairs to Hot Water Tanks & Heaters

CityWide Plumbing and Power offers same day service for the repair of all malfunctioning hot water tanks, including electric and gas water heaters, as well as all on-demand hot water tank systems. If you observe any of the warning signs your hot water system is not malfunctioning, give us a call for our same-day, professional and friendly repair service.

Warning signs that your hot water tank needs repair:

  • Restricted water
  • Water not being heated
  • Unusual popping or rumbling sounds
  • Rusty coloured water
  • High pitched, whining noises
  • Leaking signs or flooding
  • Rotten egg smelling odours

Hot Water Tank Replacement Service

When it comes time to think about the replacement of your hot water tank, trust the professionals at CityWide for the expert advice you’ll need to make an informed decision on the best hot water system that suits your needs.

We provide installation services for a wide variety of makes and models, ranging from basic electric and gas hot water tanks to the latest tankless systems. Give us a call and have one of our certified hot water heater technicians discuss with you to provide the best solution based on your hot water needs and budget.

There are three basic types of hot water tanks to choose from.

Electric Hot Water Tanks

Electric water heaters are quite common due to their lower cost versus gas water heaters. Another factor is when you cannot get natural gas at your home or office. However, electric hot water tanks are slower to heat the water than using natural gas and will sometimes run out of hot water if the tank is not an adequately large size.

Gas Hot Water Tanks

Natural gas tanks heat water much faster than electric tanks but are generally more expensive cost, and usually have a shorter lifespan. These types of water heating systems will require special venting to the outside which will add extra costs to the overall installation.

Tankless Water Heaters

There are many advantages to having a tankless hot water system. Water is not stored but delivered at the right temperature, and perfect for areas that do not have the space to house a large tank. You could see savings up to 70% on your Hydro expenses with a tankless water heater as it is much more energy efficient,  only heating water when it's needed.

If you are in need of a repair or hot water tank replacement, call the professionals at CityWide Plumbing and Power for same day service.